Don’t be good at what you do, do what you are good at.

Once we mechanize, automate, and computerize all the things – once we all have personal robotic assistants, once we’re all using self driving cars, once Siri and Google Now really do understand what we’re asking them, and once we start thinking of computers as ‘them’ – what’s left for us to do?

Embrace the creative, the human aspect of whatever you do. Find what requires that inner inventor, that tinker, that creative soul and focus on that. The rest of it, the routines, the repeatable, the solved – that all will be eventually automated, no matter how good at it you are.

Care more about why than about what. A machine can add two plus two – understand why you’re adding, why you want that result. Those that simply teach answers avoid, those that ask questions embrace.

And love problems. They mean you’re needed. Solve them.

Tim Lytle // @tjlytle

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