Don’t see code reviews as attacks on your person. They are lessons.

It is a best practice for software developers to have their code be reviewed by peers to check for bugs, performance issues, coding guidelines or other possible problems. If you get a lot of comments on details, this can easily be interpreted as a personal attack on your software engineering skills, but they are not (unless you work in an extremely toxic workplace).

Review comments feel personal, but they should be regarded as lessons. With every comment, you learn. Not all comments need to result in a code change. If they don’t, they’ll give you a lesson on how other developers interpret your code. Your code may be very good but if another developer does not understand the intent, you learn to document your code. If you need to update your code, you learn a better approach. Code reviews are not only a form of quality assurance, but also of education.

Stefan Koopmanschap // @skoop