Exercise your brain by sketching ideas. Sometimes your doodles will unlock new understanding through the movements you make.

Not all learners are audio are visual. Some people need to move to learn. Learning through movement is all-too rare in the computer age. Notebooks and sketches have been replaced by the tapping at keys. This shift has nearly eliminated a valid mode of learning: kinetic learning.

Keep a notebook nearby. Fill it with scribbles. Doodles. Sketches. Move your hands as you think. For kinetic learners, the movement will help to create neural pathways; it will help you to learn. Use visual notes for yourself, but as practice, you may find your sketches improving to the point where you can use them to improve communication on your team, showing them the flow of an idea as you perceive it unfolding.

I’ve uncovered some amazing connections when I take the time to just let my hand move on paper while thinking about an idea — brainstorming with lines on a page. New analogies, new ways of thinking about a problem can suddenly appear — not always, but sometimes. And that occasional clarity is worth the investment in a pen and paper.

Emma Jane Westby // @emmajanehw