If you don’t want to work for the man, you have to become the man. The best kind of code is the kind that makes money.

This means you have to stop obsessing as much over the code itself, and start obsessing over things that matter to the business. You can build a sweet new app that is perfectly architected with every nook and cranny vigorously tested, but if you don’t have paying customers, it ultimately won’t matter. You will get burned out, and all your effort will have been wasted.

So next time that “properly designed” OOP argument breaks out on the internet, just ignore the bike shedding and keep on building your product. Your focus should be on customer acquisition and building a solid working product, regardless of how the code is organized internally. The biggest risk for new products is that they won’t gain any traction or get any real use – not that you called a class a Facade when it should have been called a Proxy.

Vance Lucas // @vlucas