Great things can happen when you push the limits of your comfort zone… and then step out beyond those boundaries.

Everything good that has happened in my life can be traced back to doing something uncomfortable. If I hadn’t stepped outside of my comfort zone to talk to the beautiful young lady, I wouldn’t have a wonderful wife and two “annoying” girls to dote on.

Amazing things happen when you push at the edges of your comfort zone, and the truly remarkable things happen when you venture beyond those grounds. If I hadn’t risked ridicule and asked some questions in IRC, I’d never have discovered the wonderful PHP community; if I hadn’t pushed myself to attend my first conference, I wouldn’t have the plethora of peers I am lucky enough to now call my friends.

Of course, life is easier when you stick with the familiar, and sometimes you end up with egg on your face. But for me, it’s worth the risk of embarrassment… because the rewards can truly be magical.

Gary Hockin // @GeeH