The beginner’s mind is full of the wonder of discovery. Never lose the power to see things anew.

It can be hard to remember what the joy of discovery feels like, especially if you’ve been doing the same thing for many years. While there’s something to be said for sharpening your skills to a mastery level, there is also something pure and beautiful about discovering and experiencing something new. Scientists have shown that learning increases the brain’s neuroplasticity (ability to adapt and form new neural pathways) and aids in long term memory far into our elderly years. It also keeps us empathetic toward newcomers in the industry and those who are struggling. Lastly, the more well-rounded we are, the better equipped we are to solve problems, to be creative, to relate to others, and to lead a more curious, joyful life.

The topic doesn’t matter. Make it a priority to learn something new every day, and don’t ever lose the fulfilling joy of exploring your own uncharted territory.

Elizabeth Naramore // @elizabethn