“This package is no longer maintained. The author suggests using michelf/php-markdown.”
More people should do this.

Ego is a weird thing, and leaving a project that you are no longer motivated to work on can be hard. It can happen for many reasons. Maybe you change jobs or start working with a different programming language. Maybe you find an alternative that you like more. Maybe you’re just bored.

Discontinuing your work doesn’t have to be a failure. It can be a great opportunity for teamwork.

Try to find somebody who might want to take it over. Check existing contributors first, as those using a project are most likely to be motivated.

Nobody available? Time to deprecate. The best approach is to find an alternative product and point your users there via the Packagist “Abandon Project” feature.

It happens to everyone. It’s always better to deprecate than it is to let a project languish.

Phil Sturgeon // @philsturgeon